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Septic Tank Cleaning

Dodson Septic Tank Cleaning of Charles Town, WV

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Welcome to Dodson Septic Tank Cleaning. We are a family owned and operated business based in Charles Town, WV. Our family has been dedicated to serving the septic tank cleaning needs of residents throughout all of Jefferson and Berkeley County since 1957. Dodson Septic is highly respected in the community and available to keep your septic system well maintained and in working order.

Prompt, Courteous Septic Tank Service You Can Depend On

Our company philosophy is rooted strongly in honesty and hard work. Second generation owner, David Bussard, has been working for the family company since the age of eight. He continues to provide prompt, professional septic tank cleaning service that you can depend on. At Dodson Septic Tank Cleaning, honesty is our way of life and is reflected in our courteous business practices. You can trust us to provide reliable tank cleaning at a fair price, every time. Call your friendly local “Honey Dipper” for prompt, professional septic and cesspool cleanout service.

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How Often Does My Septic Tank Need Pumped or Cleaned?

If you wonder how often your septic tank needs to be cleaned or pumped out, the answer depends on several factors, including tank size, family size, the design and age of the tank, whether or not your family uses a garbage disposal, etc. In most cases, a 1,500-gallon septic tank installed for use by a family of four will require pumping approximately every four years. However, in some cases, a tank may require pumping more or less frequently. During periods when you host extra guests, deposit large amounts of grease, or in cases of extended periods of neglect (such as when you purchase a new home where the tank hasn’t been pumped when necessary), more frequent pumping may be required. To learn more about how to maintain your septic system, we recommend that all septic system owners review the guidelines published by the National Environmental Services Center.

Septic Drain Field & Cesspool Replacement Cost

It is very important to have your septic tank or cesspool pumped regularly, as needed. Failure to remove accumulated waste is likely to result in complete failure of your drain field and the extremely unsanitary condition of sewage backup into your home. Drain field replacement is typically very expensive and is a cost that can be avoided with proper septic tank maintenance. If you have any questions about how often your septic tank should be pumped, please contact Dodson Septic Tank Cleaning for a consultation.

How Do I Tell If My Septic Tank Is Full?

It is important to know the signs alerting you that your septic tank is full or near full. If you notice any of the following situations on your property, contact Dodson Septic Tank Cleaning right away for prompt pumping service. If the condition has been occurring for some time, damage to your system may have already occurred. When it comes to your septic system investment, prevention by proper maintenance is your best course of action. The cost of having your septic tank pumped should be part of your budget. Complete drain field replacement typically costs many thousands of dollars and can be a lengthy process, during which you will be unable to use your drainage system.

1) Pools of Water
2) Slow or Sluggish Drains
3) Complete Failure of Water Drainage
4) Persistent Odors Coming From Toilets and Drains
5) A Very Lush, Green Patch of Grass in Your Lawn
6) Sewer Backup

Contact Dodson Septic Tank Cleaning to get answers to your questions and schedule pumping service for your tank: (304) 725-9120.