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Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning in
Jefferson County, WV

Dodson Septic Services Provides Highly Effective Septic Cleaning

Accumulating solids are a natural part of any septic system. When the solids area reaches a volume of one-third of the depth of the wastewater, it will need pumping to avoid any blockage. Dodson Septic Services, LLC provides highly effective septic tank cleaning to rid the system of waste materials and liquid in septic tanks in Harpers Ferry, WV. Our septic tank cleaning service utilizes septic pumping to remove a vast array of liquid and solid waste contents at high pressure to get the job completed. Give us a call today at (304) 725-9120 or Cell: (304) 671-2559 for our quality septic tank cleaning services.

How Do I Tell If My Septic Tank Is Full?

It is important to know the signs alerting you that your septic tank is full or near full. If you notice any of the following situations on your property, contact Dodson Septic Services, LLC right away for prompt pumping service. If the condition has been happening for some time, damage to your system may have already occurred. When it comes to your septic system investment, prevention by proper maintenance is your best course of action. The cost of having your septic tank pumped should be part of your budget. Complete drain field replacement typically costs many thousands of dollars and can be a lengthy process, during which you will be unable to use your drainage system. 

1) Pools of Water
2) Slow or Sluggish Drains
3) Complete Failure of Water Drainage
4) Persistent Odors Coming From Toilets and Drains
5) A Very Lush, Green Patch of Grass in Your Lawn
6) Sewer Backup

Septic Pumping Aids in Preventing Future Issues

Dodson Septic Services pumps the septic tank to remove sludge from building up in the bottom of the tank and entering the drain field. The pumping prevents costly problems down the road. It is a lot more cost effective to remove sludge from tanks than it is to plot for a new drain field. Regular septic maintenance service prevents pipes from accumulating sewage and sludge and prolongs the life of the septic tank. We will perform detail-oriented septic tank maintenance to keep the tank working at its best.

Contact Dodson Septic Services to get answers to your questions and schedule professional septic tank pumping and maintenance.
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