PERC Tests

Perc Tests for Properties in
Harpers Ferry, WV

Dodson Septic Services Expertly Performs Perc Tests

Dodson Septic Services, LLC expertly conducts perc tests in order to properly install a septic system on properties in Harpers Ferry, WV, and the surrounding region. The type of soil that makes up a property is one of the most important factors when designing or replacing a septic system. The amount of soil on a property is also important. Some will overlook these two variables. A perc test, which is also known as a soil test, helps determine several things about a property, including:

  1. The type of soil on the property

  2. The depth of the soil on the property

  3. The distance of vertical separation available

These factors are crucial to determine which type of septic system homeowners or landlords will need Dodson Septic Services to install, as well as the best location for the new septic system. 

Perc Tests are Needed for New Septic Systems

Owners of a property that requires a new septic system or a replacement septic system will need a perc test. Those who are renting such a property should be sure to call the landlord or the property owners to find out what the next step should be. Remember to contact the landlord before calling Dodson Septic Services. Renters run the risk of violating their lease if they alter the property, such as performing unauthorized excavation. Customers who want to schedule a perc test, or are not sure whether a perc test is a needed service, should give us a call at (304) 725-9120.

How Does Dodson Septic Services Perform a Perc Test?

Performing a perc test is relatively simple, but it is not something a property owner or a landlord should try to do on their own due to safety reasons. Fortunately, Dodson Septic Services can easily handle the entire perc test. We will come out to the property and dig a test hole about six-feet deep and three-feet wide. The hole includes a ramp so that the necessary personnel can safely enter the hole. Once in the hole, we look at soil layers and types to determine rates of absorption. Our crew then measures the vertical separation to a restrictive layer, and makes note of aspects of the property, such as a high or low water table.

Perc Tests Determine Vertical Separation on Property

A perc test determines the amount of vertical separation on the property. Vertical separation is the depth of a property’s soil between the bottom of the drain field and the top of a restrictive layer. The restrictive layer is the level of the ground through which water will no longer drain, such as bedrock, groundwater, or an impermeable layer. A sufficient amount of vertical separation is required to install a septic system on a property. The only way to determine this is to perform a perc best.

Contact us to perform a perc test.